About Artificial Intelligence (AI) Design Assistant

This tool is only available in Blackboard Ultra Course View.

Smoothly integrated within the Blackboard Learn Ultra interface, the AI Design Assistant uses artificial intelligence to streamline the course building process. From developing learning modules to creating rubrics and assessments, the AI Design Assistant inspires and streamlines instructor workflows, saving them time when building engaging courses.

Blackboard Ultra's AI Design Assistant was created in accordance with Anthology's Trustworthy AI framework with privacy, security, and scalability in mind. Institutional data is not used to train AI Design Assistant and instructors maintain ownership of decisions throughout the course design and delivery process.

Blackboard's AI Design Assistant is a tool for instructors only; students do not have AI design tools.

Using simple inputs like course name, description, or learning objectives, the AI Design Assistant can help with:

  • Module titles, descriptions and images based on course content
  • Rubric creation
  • Assignment prompts
  • Test question generation
  • Royalty-free image sourcing

See the AI Design Assistant in action:

For more help on course design, Contact Your Instructional Designer.