Viewing Participants Responses and Replies

This article will cover discussion board participation with responses and replies.

This information is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Image of discussion tab and title

1. Once in the course, select the Discussions tab.

2. Select the title of the discussion board to link to the discussion posts.

Image of discussion settings

1. Discussion topic heading.

2. Responses from students to the discussion topic.

3. Replies to discussion posts.

4. Instructor view of participants and top contributors.

View More Student Participation and Grade Discussion Posts

Image of discussion grades and participation

To view all student grades and participations select the right arrow.

1. Provides how many participated in the discussion posts.

2. Provides how many needs grading.

3. Provides how many posts.

4. Search for student by name.

5. Direct link to add a grade.

6. Provides if a student did not participate.