Importing Question Banks

This guide will demonstrate how to import Question Banks in Blackboard Learn Ultra. Question Banks are analogous to Pools in Blackboard Learn Original. Question Banks can then be reused in multiple assessments within a single course or used to populate question sets.

  • Only Pool files from Blackboard Learn Original courses can  be imported (The default name for these files is
  • Test Files from Learn Original will appear to import successfully, but no contents from the test will appear in Learn Ultra (Default file name is
  • Survey Files will fail to import. (Default file name is
  • Only question types that are compatible with Learn Ultra will be imported. (Incompatible types include File Response, Hot Spot, Quiz Bowl, Jumbled Sentence, and Ordering Questions. Either/Or questions will be imported as Multiple Choice Questions. Short Answer questions will be imported as Essay questions.
  • Pool files which include incompatible question types will give a Failed Import error, but compatible question types will be imported.

This is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Accessing Question Banks

Image of the content sidebar with Question Banks highlighted.

To access Question Banks, locate Question Banks in the left panel of the Content page in your Learn Ultra course and click the Manage Banks link.

Importing a New Question Bank

Image of the Question Banks page with 1. Arrow pitning to + sign for adding question banks. 2. Arrow pointing to Import from file  option in menu.

You will now see the Question Banks page.

  1. To import a Question Bank, click on the + button at the place you wish to enter the question bank.
  2. Select the Import from File option from the menu that appears. A system dialog box will appear asking you to select a file to import.


testbank processing dialog box

Once the question bank has been uploaded, a banner message will appear to inform that the import is being processed.

testbank import successful dialog box

If the import is successful, you will receive a green banner informing that the import was successful.

testbank import failure dialog box

If the import has failed, you will see a red banner.  An import may fail for the following reasons:

  • Import file is not a Blackboard-compatible testbank file.
  • The testbank selected has no questions
  • The testbank selected includes unsupported question types. (Supported question types are still imported even if the failure banner appears)