Add New Category to Gradebook

This article will cover how to add a new category to the Gradebook columns.

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Adding a New Category

Image of gradebook tab

1. Select the Gradebook tab.

2. Select the gear icon for settings.

Image of add new category

Select Add New Category.

Image of text box

In the text box, type in the name of the category. Hit Enter

Note that the new category is not automatically added to the Gradable Items tab.

Include Category in Gradable Items

Image of add item

Hover to the area the new category will be placed in the Gradebook.

1.  Select the plus sign in a circle.

2. Select Add Item.

Image of category settings

1. In the text box provide a title of the category.

2. Select to Hide or Show to students

3. Provide a Due Date or leave it if there is no due date.

4. Select the type of grade for points, letter, or percentage.

5. Provide the total points.

6. Select the Grade Category.

7. Select Save.