Setting up Accommodations

Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View allows instructors to specify course wide accommodations for students which are automatically applied to all assignments in the course.

Instructors can set the following accommodations:

  • Time Limit Accommodation
  • Due Date Accommodation

Accessing the Course Roster

Image of the roster option selected under details and actions.

Under the Details and Actions area in your Learn Ultra Course, click on View everyone in your course under Roster

Setting an Accommodation for a Student

Image showing student roster

You will now see the course roster. To set an accommodation for a student:

  1. Locate the student and click the ellipsis button on the right side.
  2. Select Accommodations from the menu.

Setting Accommodations

Setting accommodations

You will now see the available accommodations for the selected student.

  1. Due date accommodation: Check this option to exempt the student from due dates. No work for the student would be marked late.
  2. Time limit accommodation: Check this option to add an accommodation for timed assessments. Once this option is checked, the instructor can choose to specify an extra time percentage or can select unlimited time.
  3. Click Save to enable accommodations.