Set up Grading for Discussions

This article will cover setting up grades for Discussion post.

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Image of discussion grading option

To set up grading, select the Discussion isn't graded link.

discussion grading settings

1. By default the box is checked to have the discussion post to display on the course content page.

2. Post first will only allow discussion activity to be viewed after a student has entered a response.

3. Select Grade discussion check box to set up grading.

4. Select Align with goals to set up discussion post with goals.

5. Select Assign to groups, to assign the discussion post to a group or groups.

Select Grade Discussion Check Box to set up Grading

Image of discussion grading settings

1. Select the check box for Grade discussion.

2. Select the due date and time.

3. Drop down the Grade category for which category the gradable items will show up in the Gradebook.

4. Select the Grade using drop down to choose points, percentage or letter grade.

5. Add Maximum points, percentage or letter grade.

6. Add a grading rubric.

Image of discussion settings

Instructors can edit grading details by selecting the Discussion Settings gear icon.

Grades and Participation

Image of link to grades and participation

Grades and Participation will open the discussion post to the Gradebook.

Image of grades and participation settings

1. View how many students have participated.

2. View how many responses needs grading.

3. View how many responses have been made to discussion post.

4. Search for a student by name.

5. Drop down items per page to view more items on a single page.

6. Manually enter a grade.

7. Return back to the discussion post.

For more information on how to grade discussion posts, please visit: Blackboard Learn Ultra Grading Options