Discussion Post Release Conditions

This article will cover how to manage release conditions for discussion posts.

This information is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Image of discussion tab

In the course, select the Discussions tab at the top.

Image of discussion link

Select the link to the discussion post.

Image of release condition

1. Select the drop down for Visible to students.

2. Select Release conditions.

Image of release conditions settings

1. Select All members for all students enrolled in the course.

2. Select Specific members or groups to assign the discussion post to individual members or groups.

3. Set additional conditions by setting a date for the discussion post to appear to students and hide from students.

Edit When Discussion Post will Appear

Image of release conditions settings

1. To have content appear in the content area of the course, but does not allow students to open the discussion post until the show on date, select the Show button.

2. To have content hidden in the content area of the course, select the Hide button.

3. Select Save.