Submit and Post Grades with Gradable Items Tab

In this article, instructors can view gradable items to grade coursework, manage items and settings, and post grades.

Blackboard offers the option to select individual students to manage gradebook and send messages to students.

Image of Gradebook option

Select the Gradebook tab from the options at the top.

Image of links in Gradebook

1. Select to view in list view or grid view.

2. Can view using Gradable Items or Students view.

3. Select the paper with magnifying glass to view submission receipts.

4. Select the box with the up arrow to upload a CSV of XLS file.

5. Select the box with the down arrow to download grades.

6. Select the gear icon for Gradebook settings.

7. Select the link of the content to enter directly into the discussion, assignment, exam, quiz, or any other content that needs grading.

8. Once grades are entered, and have not been posted, select Post grades to post all grades at once.

9. Select the ellipses, 3 dots, to delete or edit the content grade items.

List View or Grid View

Image of grid view

Select Grid View to view items in a grid.

View Submission Receipts

After a student submits an assignment the instructor will receive a submission receipt email to their UT mailbox. There will be a confirmation number and a direct link to the submission. The confirmation number can also be found in Gradebook by viewing in student tab.

Image of submission receipts

Select the paper with magnifying glass to view submission receipts.

Image of submission receipt

1. Copy and paste the submission receipt confirmation number into the search box.

2. Select the grade for direct access to the submission.

image of student submission