Copy Test from Previous Course to Ultra Course

This article will cover how to copy over a test from a previous semester to the Ultra Course View.

This is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Test and other content can be copied to Ultra course from the Original Course View (OCV) and the Ultra Course View (UCV). Test and other content cannot be copied from an UCV to OCV.

Image of 3 dots

Select the 3 dots for settings.

Image of copy items

Select Copy Items.

Image of course arrow

Select the course arrow to copy from.

Please note if you select the check box next to the course, it will copy all of the contents in that course. By selecting just the arrow it will prompt you to another screen to select certain content.

Image of content arrow

Select the arrow to enter all of the Exams and Quizzes.

Image of check box and start

1. Select the check box.

2. Select Start Copy.

Image of copying content wheel spining

The copy content wheel will spin until the copy is completed.

Once copied content is completed, the content can be found at the bottom of all of the content and can be dragged and dropped into another area.